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The following was taken from a publication dated November 7, 1987:
     The North Coventry Fire Department was established on November 15,1947 and incorporated in 1948 with eleven original members. The land for the Department was donated by Arthur J. Vinton in the year 1949. The land was originally owned by the family of Zoetje Vinton, wife of A. J. Vinton. The first fire truck was a second-hand 1942 Chevrolet engine pumper (Engine 18) purchased from the US Army at Fort Adams, Rhode Island. This truck was housed in the carriage shed which has now been renovated into an apartment at the Vinton's Estates on Route 31 adjacent to the property of Jimmy's Pizza. In 1949 a second-hand Tank Truck (Tank 11) was the next piece of equipment to be purchased. In 1950 a two-bay fire station was constructed to house the two fire trucks. The mortgage was held by the eleven original members. In April 1954, The women's Auxiliary was formed by a group of thirty women for the purpose of raising money and assisting the Fire Department. In 1955 the fire station was enlarged with the construction of two additional bays to the house. On January 15, 1955 a 1955 Zabek Engine Tank Truck (Engine Tank 4), the company's first new truck, was purchased from Zabek Motors of Palmer, Massachusetts. A fourth piece of equipment, a 1929 Maxim Engine Pumper (Engine 29), was purchased from Farrar Company of Woodville Massachusetts in 1965. This truck was purchased for use in parades and as an emergency back-up piece. This truck was later sold due to excessive up-keep. A 1964 International Engine Tank Truck (Engine Tank 11) was purchased from Farrar Company of Woodville, Massachusetts in January of 1965 to replace Tank 11 which was retired. Also, in January, a second-hand 1958 Chevrolet Rescue Truck was purchased with monies raised by paper drives, auctions, and donations to the Department. This piece of equipment was purchased from Blue Hills Fire Department. A 1972 GMC Forestry Truck (Service 11) was purchased in March, 1972 from Joe Bousa Garage in Willimantic, Connecticut, giving the fire Department a total of five pieces in service. In 1973 the Department purchased a 1973 American La France 1000 Series Custom Pumper.
     In 1975 the Department purchased a new rescue truck (Rescues111) from the Providence Body Works of Providence, Rode Island. The 1958 Rescue was retired. In 1978 the Department purchased a new engine tank (ET 311) from Continental Fire Trucks of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The 1964 International Engine Tank Truck was retired. In 1983 the Town authorized a built a new substation because of growth and development in the area. The land was donated by the Coventry Historical Society and the Coventry Recreations Commission. The land is located on Merrow Road, Next to the Old Brick Schoolhouse. The building was constructed by the Willington Hill Builders. In 1955 the Department converted its 1972 Brush truck into a rescue truck (Rescue 211). The 1942 Chevrolet Pumper, the Department's first truck, has been restored and is being used as a parade vehicle and an emergency back-up piece. Using this truck, the men and women of the Department have earned a number of plaques and trophies.